Unknown Mizery & Aneeway
Empty Handed Warrior

For his newest project, Toronto rapper Unknown Mizery teams with French producer Aneeway Jones, frequent collaborator Rumples ... read


Canada seems to breed an abundance of horrorcore rappers for some reason (perhaps the barrier between worlds is just a little ... read

Zion I & The Grouch
Heroes In the Healing of the Nation

On their new Heroes collaboration, Zion I and The Grouch spend much of the run time re-enforcing the notion that you don&rsqu ... read

Rubber Lips
Port Douglas

Sitting mid way between broken jazzed up house and sublime lyrical instrumentals Rubber Lips boasts a wide range of musical genius. 'Dughouse' gives a great explanation of where Robert Burbidge comes from and how his past musical endeavors whether it has been alongside Louis Vega or Utah Saints. His accomplishments don't stop there; with classical experience he has travelled far and wide to adorn audiences with his talents. Not only is it himself alone on this but also alongside the wonderful Jess Smethurst and eight more proficient musicians. 'Persuasion' is a deep and movingshuffling track with a thick layered bass line that drives alongside the heavenly vocal that whisks you away with a single fluid motion. The title track slows the groove down and saunters in a lounge jazzy groove. The vocodered samples that string through the main vocals create a depth like anatmospheric eclectic track you can't ever forget about. A favorite here is'Rubber Trumpet'. Bumped up to a swinging house beat the mixed in street sounds and funky melody take you on a journey into a blissful state, dancingor chilling is the end result depending on your mood. [Oxide]- http://soundcloud.com/panama-red-records

Panama Red

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