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3.11.2014 SPACESUITS w/ Moka Only, Mr.Brady + LMNO. Produced by Jules Chaz

What happens when three veteran power houses LMNO from the mighty Visionaries crew, Moka Only with over 50 albums deep in the game, and musical work horse Mr Brady's rawness let loose over madman producer extraordinaire Jules Chaz beats? You get the eagerly awaited project Spacesuits. There effortless cohesiveness is evident with Spacesuits. They bounce off one another, and jump in and verses like the veterans they are. Spacesuits shows their versatility and ability to adapt to Jules Chaz Zany production. With Spacesuits, Not only will you get raw lyrics and beats like the songs Speedy, and _meteor, but you will also get stories with songs like heist and _chicks, as well as a array of spaced out joints and interludes. So grab your moon boots and get ready for lift off because Spacesuits is ready to take off!

itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/spacesuits-feat.-lmno-moka/id912665963
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/spacesuits
Site: urbnet.com/SpaceSuits
3.11.2014 MOKA ONLY – Sex Money Moka

"This new project finds Moka sticking to a formula that he has successfully followed for quite some time now. It's a formula that involves multi-syllabic rhyme patterns, dusty samples and (with 80+ albums under his belt) what seems to be a highly efficient workflow. Moka doesn't reinvent the wheel on this one but why would he when he's getting such incredible mileage? His Torcharoons will surely enjoy this one. Be sure to listen to stand-out tracks, I Wanna, For Me, and Always Happy."

iTunes | Bandcamp | urbnet.com/MokaOnly

3.11.2014 LOZEN – Shake It Up EP

Fresh off the press this year, a collaborative project with fellow Canadian rapper/producer duo, Animal Nation. The EP entitled Shake It Up, features verses from notorious battle rappers Fortunato (Duck Down Music/KOTD) and Spade (RunInk/Bell City Battles). Released September 2014 via Urbnet Records on iTunes and Bandcamp, Shake It Up is already receiving some serious acclaim.

itunes: itunes.apple.com/ca/album/dont-grow-up-to-be-like-us/id639476633
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/shake-it-up-ep
Site: urbnet.com/lozen

3.11.2014 Animal Nation – A Great Impression of a Charming Young Gentleman

Animal Nation is a Western Canadian Music Award nominated group who combine drum machines, turntables, guitars, harmonicas, bacon & eggs, sampling, banjos, and hilarity to create a hip-hop show unlike anything you've ever seen before. Animal Nation have toured North America over 10 times with well-known artists like Swollen Members, Tech N9ne, Slaine, and Kyprios of Sweatshop Union, and have rocked numerous festivals including the Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival, NXNE, Kokanee Crankworx, the Pemberton Festival, and the Vancouver Island Folk Music Festival. Derp derp derp, rainbows, kittens, lollipops.

itunes: itunes.apple.com/ca/album/presents-great-impression/id905587076
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/dont-grow-up-to-be-like-us
Site: urbnet.com/animalnation
18.5.2014 MR.BRADY - Timing Is Everything

Fast forward to 2014, Mr Brady is sharper than he has ever been. With his new album Timing is Everything, it's evident why he's been in the game and remained relevant all these years. Not only did he handle all the rhyme duties on every track, he also produced and mixed it all himself. The soulful hard hitting album features Blu, The Grouch, Exile and more. With his passion, drive and love for the music, it's safe to say, Mr Brady is here to stay!

iTunes | Bandcamp | urbnet.com/MrBrady

18.5.2014 Kae Sun - AFRIYIE (limited 12” vinyl)

So this is what a mosaic sounds like… With a heralded stylistic hybrid of a debut album in his back pocket, Ghanaian-Canadian singer-songwriter Kae Sun is set to shine with his sophomore effort, Afriyie. Like its predecessor, Kae's latest sonic collage combines elements of folk, soul, and reggae with his insightful and inspired poetry; however, if 2009's Lion On A Leash was his road map, Afriyie is his destination.

“I've settled into a sound and vocal delivery that feels very true to me,” says Kae of his latest release. The sound that many called “genre-bending” on Lion On A Leash was actually its artist searching for his true voice - and he came quite close to unearthing it. Afriyie took him the rest of the way there. “There's a real cohesive sound,” says Kae of the recording, “that is really representative of what I'm all about.”

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/afriyie/id639444520
Bandcamp: http://urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/afriyie
Site: urbnet.com/kaesun
1.12.2013 Canadian Winter – The Snowball Effect

Bandcamp: http://urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/the-snowball-effect
itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/inevitable/id733658982
Site: urbnet.com/cw
1.12.2013 Dan-e-o - Inevitable

It's been a long time coming. But it was inevitable that it would happen. Featuring guest performances by Red Rat, Chip Fu, Rich Kidd, SepTo, Brotha J, Dwayne Morgan and more, Dan-e-o's long overdue third album "Inevitable" is being heralded as his best work to date. On this 14-track URBNET Records offering, Dan-e-o weaves vintage Golden-era-esque lyrical head bangers in and out with introspective soul songs to present a mature, witty and heartfelt hip-hop roller coaster ride of emotion.

Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/inevitable
itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/inevitable/id733658982
Site: urbnet.com/dan-e-o

Canadian hip-hop heavyweights Sweatshop Union, one of the hardest working ensembles to ever emerge from British Columbia, are preparing for the May 28th release of Infinite, their most ambitious album to date.

“Infinite spans about a year's time of experiences and sounds from us, whereas other albums represented maybe a few months,” explains SSU rapper/producer, Mos Eisley. “It bridges the so-called gap between conscious music and fun party music. It deals with some deep esoteric themes and it also throws caution to the wind when it's time to kick back. Its strength lies in this dichotomy.”

Infinite follows 2011’s Bill Murray EP, which won the Western Canadian Music Award for Hip-Hop Album of the Year and raised their profile beyond their grassroots following. The new LP contains a range of vibes and sounds, combining old-school hip-hop sounds with futuristic, electro headbangers, not to mention some ballads and spoken word interludes. It accomplishes the tricky task of reflecting the outfit’s individual tastes, as they inform SSU’s collective vision.

The group is prolific and moves quickly but, as of this moment, Infinite currently stands as the most eclectic record in the Sweatshop Union catalogue.

“People are gonna feel many different ways about this record, and that’s the point: it forces the listener to recognize that Sweatshop Union can not be easily categorized or predicted,” Eisley says. “I hope sincerely that people can tell that we had a lot of fun putting together all this music, and that there are many more layers left to explore.”

itunes: itunes.apple.com/ca/album/infinite/id631016144
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/infinite
Site: urbnet.com/ssu
6.3.2013 PIGEON HOLE - Chimp Blood

In 2010, Pigeon Hole released their critically acclaimed debut LP, Age Like Astronauts. Using the MPC 2000, they pieced together a mix of samples, analogue synths, live instruments, and sharp lyricism - their debut outing spoke to listeners from the opening note to its final fade out. The audio translated to the stage, sending Pigeon Hole on a ruthless touring schedule, annihilating audiences across North America. Along with Sweatshop Union their energetic live show invaded the festival circuit, notably Shambhala, Rifflandia, as well as the world-renowned SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

Chimpblood, the groups second offering, delivers a sound so powerful it’s impossible to ignore. Trading in their original blueprint for a heavier bass-driven electronic sound, Pigeon Hole attack with all new artillery. Chimpblood thrashes over a foundation of grimey synths, sampled and chopped over machine gun drum programming, 808s, and massive bass. An epic hybrid of music that will make you feel like you can levitate.

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chimp-blood/id600212170
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/chimp-blood
Site: urbnet.com/ph
6.3.2013 A.M.Architect - Pattern Language

A.M. Architect will released their third studio record, Pattern Language, via Toronto's Urbnet Records. Lush, melodic guitar layers and electric piano are broken apart, rebuilt and spread over a rhythm section that fuses hip-hop and beat music. Daniel describes their process: “We’d record ideas really quickly--some piano, bass, guitar--and then immediately flip it into something new. Then we'd record more ideas on top of it and flip it again, often ending up with five or six different compositions from the same source material. Some of those ideas spin off to become new songs, so the process starts over.”

The album name is an extension of the concepts in Christopher Alexander's 1977 urban design book, "A Pattern Language." The book's hypertext xxxxxx encourages us to collaborate, and examines how our environments and ideas form networks and patterns. Watch for remix material available to the public soon.

itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/pattern-language/id595829296
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/pattern-language
Site: urbnet.com/AMA
3.11.2014 MATT BREVNER – Eclectricity (comes with FREE download of the ‘Bushido Project’ exclusively on bandcamp)

Fresh from the West Coast of Canada, Matt Brevner’s ten song album “Eclectricity” is out now and has the spark of love, the voltage of honest creativity and the juice of real hip hop, coursing right through it! Whether you are too high to stand or stone-cold-sober “Eclectricity” is going to make you feel something -- thanks to Brevner’s hot golden flows, butter tones and undeniably soul.

Brevner is a Half-Trinidadian, Half-Japanese and totally refreshing Hip Hop Artist on the move, with influences all over the map. From Metric to French Montana and everywhere in between, Brevner pulls influences from sonics, song concepts, vocal effects and production tweaks - Nothing is off limits to add more insight to make dope music.

itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/eclectricity/id924046311
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/eclectricity
Site: urbnet.com/MattBrevner
3.11.2014 Philly Moves – OLGA

Hailing from the Nation's Capital and now based in Toronto, Canada, Philly Moves is an independent MC/Producer hip-hop duo - one of the country's top emerging acts. Using both sample based and original production methods, producer Rockwell crafts complex soundscapes that straddle the line between organic and experimental perfectly, providing a rich canvas for MC Tragic's compelling songwriting and charismatic flow. Live, their set is high energy and heavy on intimacy; Rockwell switching back and forth seamlessly from live beat making on the MPC to playing acoustic guitar and crooning while Tragic controls the crowd with a commanding stage presence. Truly a collaborative effort, Philly Moves distinctive style combines the tastes and experiences of both men, their personal and artistic chemistry evident both on stage and on wax.

Philly Moves has spent almost a full year working on an entirely new project. "Olga", a more mature look and sound for the pair.

itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/olga/id892265427
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/olga
Site: urbnet.com/phillymoves
3.11.2014 LAL – Tiny Mirrors Single

itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/tiny-mirrors-single/id934257690
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/track/tiny-mirrors
Site: urbnet.com/lal
3.11.2014 SWAMP THING – Outer Limits

Hey Hip Hop Freaks! Toronto’s favourite lurid hip hop crew, Swamp Thing, is back with “Outer Limits”.

Swamp Thing consists of three humanoids: longtime collaborators and emcees Timbuktu (Toolshed, Teenburger, Backburner) and Chokeules (Toolshed, Backburner) and emcee/producer Savilion (Creature Box, Backburner). Swamp Thing makes hip hop that goes bump in the night; upbeat party tracks with crepuscular lyrics and filthy beats. These three clever weirdos rap about things like blood puddles, pickles, and severed hands ... circus freaks, pentagrams, you know, that kind of thing.

"This new Swamp Thing record sounds like ...
a cross between a punch in the eye and a bowl of captain crunch.” - Savilion

Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/outer-limits
itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/outer-limits/id935508857
Site: urbnet.com/swampthing
18.5.2014 DEF3 - WILDLIF3 (12”LP/CD/Shirts available for pre-order)

Def 3 has spent the past 2.5 years sharpening up his skills on stage and in the studio touring extensively with Vancouver's Sweatshop Union throughout Canada and the U.S He is currently promoting his latest EP entitled "Amnesia". The EP features Moka Only, Josh Martinez, Tonye Aganabe and Ra Focus. His newest album with Saskatoon native super producer Factor is entitled “WILDLIF3” and is set to be released Summer 2014 on URBNET Records. Expect to hear a lot more from Def3 in the next few years as he is just getting started.

iTunes | Bandcamp | urbnet.com/def3

18.5.2014 Elaquent / eQ|Sona / Green Apples and Oranges

Canadian hip-hop sensation Elaquent returns with the Green Apples and Oranges EP - another vibrant exhibition of ahead-of-the-curve production and musicianship from one of the great young producers in the game. Following his excellent 2012 EP Parallel, the Guelph, Ontario-based artist says he sees this new collection as a diverse, challenging attempt at furthering his skills as a composer.";

Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/green-apples-and-oranges
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/album/green-apples-and-oranges/id772318879
Site: urbnet.com/eQ
18.5.2014 Friday AKA Ricky Dred – HOME (free download)

Directed by Sid "Grampz" Melo for Scattered Children Get It Right is the first single off of Friday's new and final album #Home. #Home is the final chapter to the "Home But Not Free" series.

Bandcamp | urbnet.com/friday
18.5.2014 Ryan Stinson - R/\IN featuring D-Sisive

The new deluxe edition of FUTURA includes the original collaborations with Ghettosocks and members of Vancouver's Henry Hudson Elementary School Choir, but also features remixes and verses from D-Sisive, Open Mike Eagle, mikedecline and F. Virtue, Kay theAquanaut, Virtual Flannel and 2012 Red Bull Thre3style Canada finalist Charly Hustle.

iTunes | Bandcamp | urbnet.com/rs
11.9.2013 derek christoff x the arkeologists

In 2007, I walked into a basement that would change my art forever. I realize that sentence is super dramatic, and equally as rape-y, but it’s the only way I can describe it. It was dark. Small. Low ceilings. Filled with cigarette smoke. I sat down on the couch, while Norman Krates [The Arkeologists] prepped his MPC2000 for our first session.

I ate a submarine sandwich. He rolled a joint. I swallowed a Percocet. He chopped up a sample. And I began writing what would become Kneecaps. A song, along with Laundry Room, that would make critics and music listeners look past the court jester of an artist I once was. A song that would literally change my life.

In 2013, I returned to the same basement to conduct an interview with Norman for a special 5 year anniversary release of my debut record, The B.O.O.K. While listening to him reminisce, I began having flashbacks of those sessions. I felt like 2007 again. A few days later I went back to hang out. Hanging out would result in Norm playing me beats. Which would result in me writing The Reunion Tour. We sat and listened to that song for an hour straight. It was 2007 again. We decided to keep going till we hit ten songs. All raw. All songs recorded on a $200 8-track in one day. All first takes. Embrace the imperfections. No promotion. Keep it basement.
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/the-d-ark-tape
Site: urbnet.com/DC
24.6.2013 DL Incognito - SUPER
17.5.2013 DL INCOGNITO - Someday is Less Than a Second Away

Now with his fifth and latest release "Some Day is Less Than a Second Away" being issued this spring on URBNET, some are saying that DL Incognito is one of the best MCs Canada has ever produced. Ever humble, DL dismisses such talk with a shrug, but as he tells it, there is a solid base behind his inspirational artistic output.

itunes: itunes.apple.com/album/someday-is-less-than-second/id622434294
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/someday-is-less-than-a-second-away
Site: urbnet.com/dl
4.6.2012 Wordburglar - 3rdburglar (FULL ALBUM)

A strong contender for the most likely-to-be-quoted rapper at the water cooler, Wordburglar’s lyrically potent oeuvre runs the gamut from thoughtfully casual to ridiculously ludicrous. There’s just something about the way he puts words together that keeps people nodding their heads and smiling their mouths. With finely constructed whimsical lyrics, a sharp sense of humor and a dedication to true-school rap, ‘Burg has carved a niche for himself with audiences across Canada and beyond. Showcasing a wide variety of concepts and styles, the new record “3rdburglar” has something for everyone and everything for someone. If you’re a person who enjoys things, don’t sleep on Wordburglar.

Aside from tearing up 10 tracks on 2011's Backburner: Heatwave album, its been 2 years since Wordburglar last dropped a full-length solo album (2009's underground hit Burgie’s Bassement) and it’s with great pleasure that we’re preparing to unleash 3rdburglar, Wordburglar’s third full-length release of all-new material. Featuring 14 tracks of original lyrics, beats & cuts blended meticulously with ‘Burg’s patented style, every track is a stand-out. 3rdburglar also features production from Juno-nominated producer Fresh Kils & long-time collaborators Beatmason, Timbuktu and Uncle Fes, with guest appearances from Canadian rap cohorts More or Les, Chokeules, Garthim-Master and Timbuktu as well as Los Angeles underground rap legend Riddlore (Chillin Villain Empire/Project Blowed). We’re looking forward to sharing.

YouTube: Rhyme O' Clock (feat. More Or Les)
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/ca/album/3rdburglar/id525799134
Bandcamp: urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/3rdburglar
Site: urbnet.com/wordburglar


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