Lucas Konk West
January 2003

Who? Born in Buenos Aires ( Argentina ) in 1978, Lucas KW is one of the upcoming Argentinian producers... Currently living in Paris,where he is performing live acts, djing and producing sound since 1994. Producing sound for the underground scene, but also for themusic industry, as a remixer and arranger. He is also managing the future best french/argentinian house label named "KW Records", incooperation with the "Ciudad Feliz" guys.His music? Powerfull productions, a pretty tech/house sound with hip-hop and latin influences for his dancefloor side. Check it outwith the latest productions. For the rest, he is producing severall kinds of sound, a deepier house, and hip-hop style.

URBNET Why the move to Paris from Argentina and how has that affected your production?
KWThe move, the move, the move Hmm... its difficult, for a lot of good reasons. The economic situation was really bad in1987-86. I mean there was no stability, and my family was looking for a brighter future. At the same time, we (my family) were boredwith Argentinean politics and economical methods . But also the Argentinean way of life was not corresponding a lot with our visionsat that time. We drove around South America, USA, and then one day we stopped in Paris. The move has affected my production ineverything. Maybe if I never left Argentina I would have never been a producer, but a simply ugly rock band drummer. My firstinstrument were drums and percussions in general. Before producing house, I was playing with several funk and rock bands in Parisfrom 92 to 93-94. One day a friend show me how to mix, and offer me my first vinyl and techno CDs. It was in 1994 ( thanksGabriel ).

What styles of Argentinean & Parisian music do you use to craft you deep funky tech-house?
Argentinean music does not really affect my music. Im not a bad boy taking tango samples just to make money (you know who Imtalking about). Its more the power of Argentinean people and their crazy energy that affects me. On Kuala Lumpur EP, I put vocalsfrom my favourite Argentinean comic named "Jorge Corona". People, places, souvenirs from my life in Argentina affect me. But notreally traditional music, like tango or cumbia. My tracks titles are affected to. Remember: "Gol de Boca" Boca its my favouritefootball/soccer team in Argentina. French and especially Parisian sound is much more important for me now. Because I have learnedhow to build my music. It gives me new ideas and concepts. Now I final have my own personal way of crafting my music. Big dancefloor boosting effects, uplifting breaks and hip-hop vocals are some of my personal touches. Its a mix of what I am. An Argentineanguy with all his Latin energy lost in Europe! Im very affected by French music the culture but Im not representative at all. I cant be considered a French or Argentinean artist Here in Paris Im a mutant. Im the only one to produce a lot of music for NorthAmerican labels here in Paris. I have my style and the other DJ's are in familiar other genres like: deep and tech but its not likehow I envision my tracks to be composed. I think theres no audience in Paris for my music. People prefer classy and chilled housewith jazz elements, and I prefer big kicks with hip-hop vocals and electro synths. Theres no DJs like me in Paris, thats why Imvery discreet here. I dont play every week and Im not in Parisian mainstream. I dont really have a crew or my place in thisscene, its just because Im different. Maybe because of my Argentinean nature, I like the big sound; I love when people scream andshout! French DJs love discretion and authenticity, Im not really into that, for me my dance floor should be like an Argentineanfootball stadium Total chaos!

With the success of all your signed tracks did that initiate the birth of the KW label?
Not at all. Firstly you need to know that my true patriotism comes first for Argentina. In 1996, I was already thinking that myhomeland artists were in a trap Because of the distance and no underground record companies there to promote these artists on aninternational level. Also, I listen to more than 20 projects from different artists, and if its sounds big and has characteristicsof quality but its also defined by the feeling, the ideas and also because these artists are friendly people. Really these artistsare special. Theres a great energy And at the same time they will put a kind of fresh kick into the international electronicscene. Thats why Im working on this label, but be reassured I will continue to produce on several labels for future releases.

Which artists or remixers do you have in mind for future releases on both imprints of KW & KW2?
Artists like Ciudad Feliz Stickman, 2020 vision, Silvernetwork), Peligroso Bikini, Diego Ro-k (Ministry of Sound), Carlos Shaw, DrTrincado, Canu, Capri, and many more. For the remix part, my idea is simple. Argentinean anonymous artists remixed by big nameslike: David Duriez, Llorca, Alex Kidd, Stickmen, Roo, Mattlok, Les Diamantaires, Etienne de Crcy et Motorbass, Alex Gopher, Demonet DJ Corleone @ 20000st, Paranoid Jack, Bobby Peru, Jay tripwire, the entire Housemuziq collective and many, many more friends!You know, connect my European and North American friends with these fresh new artists. It will be great.

Internationally what dance floors been hearing your music?
Currently my music is being played by a lot of great international DJs, like Justin Robertson (UK), DJ Dan (USA), Tsuyoshi (Japan),Seb Fontaine (UK), and other big names thats why I can say that some floors have been hit but theres lots more to do to get mymusic out there for people to hear and play. For myself Im currently spinning in France but also the UK, Asia and lately inMalaysia, but Id also like to visit the USA and hopefuly Canada to spread my music for the masses.


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