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January 2012
Rubberlips is a tightly-knit collective of musicians from west Yorkshire in the north of England. all contributors currently participate in both the studio environment and live performance and are increasing becoming involved across the world from south Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

At the helm is Robert Burbidge a session trumpeter of many years who's musical talents and unique network of local artists, musicians and producers has over-seen the Rubberlips collective emerge as one of the brightest talents on the UK's electronic music scene.

Having played alongside a wide variety of the most prominent outfits in the industry, in both classical and contemporary circles from national orchestras to some of the best dj's on the circuit (including Louie Vega, Utah Saints and Plump DJs), Robert has performed at some of the most prolific venues in the country (royal albert hall, royal northern Manchester and the Birmingham conservatoire) and strives to ensure both technical ability and musical performance in the studio is of the highest standard.

Roberts insatiable passion and natural ability has combined in bringing together the artists and elements necessary in creating a unique sound that blends a variety of different genres from jazz, house, chill-out and funky bass.

JACKHOUSE: When it came time to work on album Port Douglas how did all of the groups collective creative forces meet as a whole?
Rubberlips: We are all from a close musical community in the area, and it didnít take long to find the right people.

With such a wide array of styles covered including electronic how did you find a vocalist to suit the title track & Persuasion?
We auditioned a hand full of vocalists and it didnít take long to find we needed a female vocalist and thatís how we decided to bring Jess in because of her soulful voice.

Amongst some of the fantastic artists youíve worked with in the past whom do you look forward to collaborating in the future and for recorded projects?
Who Iíve been lucky to play trumpet with over a DJ set: Masters at Work, Plump Djs, Utah Saints and Iíd like to work with: Mark Farina, Atjazz, Jazzanova, Swag, Kruder&Dorfmeister, Clara Hill.

Have you ever encountered issues with transporting your gear/instruments?
No I havenít had any problems.

Who are some of the newest members of the Rubberlips group?
The newest members of Rubberlips Group who Iím working with are: Manny Acevedo, Tristy DeSoul, Vax1, Francesco Goriand, Charmaine (GirlWithTheBigVoice), Zoltan Peter, Pierre Elpierro, and speakdeep.

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